Monday, September 28, 2009

Advantages of Paper Lanterns

These colorful lanterns are simple to manufacture and are easy to use. They are also cheaper. They will brighten up your room more than ordinary lamps. You can use different colors and hang them up from the ceiling light in your home. When they are turned on, they will glow like a stained glass window. Film makers use paper lanterns for lighting in motion pictures.

Light up your Christmas Eve

What do you when its Christmas time and you don’t have money to buy lights and decorate your room? Well, perhaps you can make your own stained glass Christmas paper lantern. You just need a paper lamp shade, felt tip pens, and black paint. Draw a simple design on the lantern. After you complete the design, paint the background of the lantern black.

Japanese Lanterns

Japan may be a small island, but these lanterns are extremely popular, and have been since Japan’s inception. They are used during the festive season. The traditional styles include bonbori and chōchin; Japanese people put special lettering on them called chōchin moji. The previously described red lanterns were once used in the brothels, hence the term “red light district”. Nowadays, these red lanterns are used as advertisements hung just outside bars and restaurants. They can be very useful for decorating your living room.

Chinese Lanterns

The Chinese version of these lamps is very unique. They spread light to each of the four corners of the room and are simple and elegant. Chinese people make five different sizes of lamps. The “baby’s bottom” is a miniature class and can be made in many shapes. The second one is the tall and cylindrical “rolling paper”. The third one is the popular “big red”, which is a round mid-sized lantern. The last two are the differently shaped “crystal magic” and “Buddha’s gastronomy”.

The Need For Paper Lanterns

There are a lot of different lanterns of different shapes, sizes, and colours on the market. But none of these are as useful as the paper lantern. As they are cheap, reliable, and easy to make, people all over the world are after these lanterns. The design can be as simple as a candle placed inside a paper bag. After going through this article, you will know why everyone needs one of these precious lanterns and why are they so popular all over the world.